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Embossed Print Finishing

Embossing your prints can really make them stand out from the competition! We provide this service in-house and can provide a tactile experience like no other.

Embossed vs Debossed Print Finishing

Embossing is a form of print finishing where we take a specific image, create a metal rendering of it, and impress it into the reverse side of the paper, creating a raised or "pushed up" texture to the paper. Debossing, is the opposite of this, where the image is depressed into or "pushed into" the surface of the paper.

Embossed Finishing Services

These are some examples of projects we have done for clients in the past. Embossing and debossing is an exciting design element to add to your prints. Contact us to see if your image is right for this application.

Embossed Digital or Offset Prints

We can emboss or deboss prints that come off of both our digital and offset presses. If your direction is simplicity blended with elegance, embossing will exceed your expectations. Adding this three-dimensional element to your project will capture your vision and allow your piece to stand out. Let AZ Litho raise your design to a new level.

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Embossed Finish Turnaround Times

Because embossing is a finishing option, it is added after the prints come off of the press. This will add some time to your total project. Contact us to get a quote on how long this may add to your total production timeline.

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Why Choose AZ Litho for Embossed Printing Services Tucson, Arizona

We are experts in our field, and embossing and debossing is no different. We have years of experience creating pieces in-house which pop for our clients, helping them stand out from the competition. Contact us to get a quote today!