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Large Format Printing Company

Nothing is too big for us to print. One of the largest assets that our customers come to us for, is our ability to produce high quality large format prints. We are able to produce advertisements, banners, vehicle wraps, signs, wall murals, selfie backgrounds and so much more. You dream big, and we'll produce it! We utilize UV printing technology to make sure your image withstands the elements and lives a long life. We also have the ability to do ink jet printing as well, and we will pick out the right printing process for your project and needs.

bus wrap

What is Large or Wide Format Printing?

Our large format printers have a max size of 80 inches wide and can make anything you dream up! These printers utilize UV printing technology to make sure that your prints stand up to the elements and give you the flexibility to use them where you need them. Large or wide format printing allows for short runs, one-off projects, wide graphics, banners, and any other marketing or advertising materials you may need. Give us a call to see if we can help you with your large format needs.

Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing offers a lot of fun and unique uses. These are some of our favorite projects that we've utilized this printing technique for in the past.
floor wrapWide format Corn Hole BoardsIWM Van wide format vehicle wrapDesert Museum wide format bannerCyber Range wide format wall graphic

Wide Format Printing Turnaround Times

The turnaround times for wide format printing varies on a project by project basis. Feel free to give us a call and we would love to give you an estimate on how long it would take to get your product produced.

Finishing Options

Our large format printing offers some unique finishing options that help you install, maintain, and make sure that your print stands the test of time. We offer custom wide format die cutting, lamination, installation services, pole pockets, specific outdoor materials which are weather and sun damage resistant, and more!

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Why Choose AZ Litho for Large Format Printing?

We are experts in helping brands produce pieces which build brand awareness, brand loyalty and shape their identity on every level, and large format is no exception! We have years of experience creating visual platforms for your brand to be built on, and would love to help you make your brands voice heard.